Your Spotify Collection.  A 30-Band Equalizer.
Why settle for less?
Breathe new life into your Spotify collection for just $5.99.*

SpotEQ for iOS

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Optimized for iOS 13

with Dark Mode!

Powerful, Easy-to-Use Curve Editor


SpotEQ's simple curve editor makes it easy to manipulate the EQ anytime.  Touch and drag to add, move, and remove points.

Everything You Love About Spotify For iOS


You can stream all your playlists, search for new music, queue songs, and more. 

Unlimited Custom Presets


When you find a setting you like, save it!

With SpotEQ, you can create as many custom EQ presets as you like.

Superior Control Compared to Other Apps


Compared to other apps with equalizers, SpotEQ's 30-band equalizer is up to 5 times more precise. Plus, only SpotEQ gives you an adjustable preamp!


Nothing Between You and Your Music


SpotEQ elmininates unneccesary clutter, letting you perform tasks faster and more efficiently.  Annoyed by features you rarely use?  Volume adjustment was quick and easy before Spotify Connect came along.

We believe it should stay that way.

Unique Features You'll Only Find in SpotEQ


SpotEQ gives you access to several features that have been missing in other apps, including the ability to set stream qualities for both WiFi and Cellular, and the ability to limit the cache size.

Editable Play Queue


SpotEQ features a fully editable Play Queue. While Spotify's official app let's you add songs to the queue, SpotEQ's Play Queue also lets you remove and rearrange songs in the queue.  You can even tap a song to play it immediately.


Privacy Protection


Spotify now wants to know your every movement. Have you checked their privacy policy lately?  They want to access sensors on your phone, location data, and even reserve the right to collect "contacts, photos, or media files" on your phone!  SpotEQ will never send this type of data to Spotify, and we will never collect it ourselves.  See for yourself how little data we collect!